Hi! My name is Carolyn and I am extremely concerned about how people are turning away from God in the name of many things: political correctness, pride, false teachings. Probably the most popular reason is people want to define God on their own terms. I rejected God’s truth for over 50 years for all of the reasons you can think of. But when I sought Him with a sincere and open heart, I found Him. It’s a real experience, not a choice and it has changed my life completely. Christ brought me from chaos and sadness to joy, peace and contentment.

Walking as a Christian in this world is difficult, at best. My daughter and I often struggle to live out Scripture – what that should look like in our lives. That is what I hope to help you with: the things I do, the thoughts I have, the truths I discover as I follow Christ. I hope you can find some support or help with struggles you might be having as a Christian. I also pray that unbelievers might stumble across my blog and discover who God is.

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